Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Mauritius Printing Online (J&S Printing LTD)

1.The online portal

 This online shopping portal – MAURITIUS PRINTING ONLINE is operated by J&S PRINTING LTD, operating at Périmbé Street, Port Louis.

 1.1 As our online shopper you hereby agree to accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined below as well as our Policies stated online when shopping. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you may not use this online shopping service.

1.2 You will be bound by our terms and conditions from the moment you access our portal, and furthermore bound by the Laws of Mauritius.

1.3 These terms and conditions apply to anyone purchasing products and services offered by the portal, or visiting the portal.

1.4 The Policies outlined below may be amended by MAURITIUS PRINTING ONLINE at any time and at the sole discretion of the Owner J&S Printing Ltd.  You have free access to these terms and conditions at all times during your online shopping with us.


2. Capacity to contract

2.1 By shopping on MAURITIUS PRINTING ONLINE, you hereby agree that you are both 18 (eighteen) years and/or above and are legally authorised to purchase these items selected online.

3. Modification of these terms and conditions

3.1 The Terms and Conditions will be effective on the date they are published and so on. J&S Printing reserves the right to add and to terminate the terms and conditions. Furthermore, it also has the right to cease operation of the Portal at any time with no liability and recourse to you.

3.2 These amendments will come into effect immediately and automatically. As a client to Portal, it is your responsibility to carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using it.

3.3 Any improvement made to these Terms and Conditions, J&S Printing will notify you and you are hereby required to accept before using the Portal.

3.4 If you decide to use this portal as a visitor or purchaser, any conflict or argument over your privacy or other potential law related problems, is subject to the terms and conditions set in place here.

4. Other terms and conditions

4.1 Some products and services provided on the portal are subject to individual terms and conditions that will be indicated on that part of the portal. Your use of those products and services will adequately be subject to those specific terms and conditions. Furthermore if those individual terms and conditions are conflicting with our general terms and conditions, then the specific ones should take precedence.

5. Login and registration

5.1 To benefit from online purchase service, you are hereby required to register your details online so as to initiate any order whether prepaid or post-paid transaction.

6. Portal material- scope of permitted use

6.1 According to these Terms and Conditions, you may be allowed to view, download and to print the Portal Material online, but this only for a personal purpose, and not a commercial one.

6.2 You are not allowed to copy, modify, clone, distribute, transfer to other person, sell, display, broadcast, exploit, link to other pages or copy the same frame of any of these pages, advertise or create derivative works from our Portal. Any attempt to do one of these elements quoted above will be considered as an illegal act, as it is totally prohibited by these terms and conditions.

6.3 The only exception in order to do what is listed in 6.2 is when you get a written approval note from J&S Printing.

6.4 Prior to these conditions, you are solely responsible about how you use Mauritius Printing Online’ Products and Services available to you without any illegal act being committed.

7. Your behaviour when using the portal

7.1 Subject to the provision of these Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to use hate speech towards the organisation. You must not risk the activity of any part of the Portal or its material. You are strictly not allowed to use Portal for spoofing, hacking, flaming, cracking or spamming or any other indecent behaviour.

8. Indemnities and warranties

8.1 You hereby indemnify J&S Printing and it’s workers or other persons for whom in law J&S printing may be liable from any damages, loss, liability, or claim due to, or arising out of your wrongful use of the Portal or its material as a result of your breach of these Terms & Conditions.

9. Online privacy policy/ Personal information protection

9.1 Please refer to the Security & Privacy Policy on the processing of personal information and personal information protection.  

10. Marketing

10.1 By accepting these Terms & Conditions and using the portal, you agree to receive promotional advertisement from Mauritius online printing from time to time.

11. Registration Policy

11.1. This Registration Policy must be read together with the Terms and Conditions for Mauritius online printing, Online Portal and the Policies indicated therein.

11.2. Customers are free to browse the Portal without registration, but registration is mandatory for the customer to be able to perform the following:

-Opening an account

- Make online Purchases

- Receiving newsletters and online offers

11.3. Customers will need to provide the following details to process their registration:

- Name

- Surname

- Mobile Phone Number

- A valid e-mail address. (Important, as this e-mail address will be used as your login name for your account therefore used for identification purposes and also for sending electronic receipts and notifications)

11.4. Online registration is free of charge for the Customer.


12. Security

12.1 During the registration process, the customer will use his email address as a login name and a password of their choice for which they are advised to change regularly.

12.2 If the customer forgets their password they will have a possibility to reset it online.

21.3 The purchaser is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of his account and password obtained upon registration, and for stopping any third parties from accessing his account. The Customer agrees that if any unwanted activities occur under his account/ or through the use of his password they have full responsibility for it.

12.4 .The Customer agrees that:

- He will keep his username and password safe, and will not share them with anyone.

- He will not surrender his account to someone else.

- He takes full responsibility in case he allows someone else to place an online order using his account credential.

- He will not take the identity of someone else or create multiple, false accounts.

- He will not use the account for any unlawful purposes

12.5 The Purchaser or Visitor agrees to be the sole responsible for the reliability and accuracy of any information given during the registration process. J&S Printing should not be held liable for any damages arising from any incorrect information provided by the customer.

12.6 To deregister from the Portal account, the Customer must send an email to quotationjspltd@intnet.mu . The process will be undertaken in  up to 3 business days and a confirmation email will be sent to the Customer to inform that the deregistration has been successful.

13. Privacy policy

13.1 Mauritius printing online accepts to protect the information provided by the Customer in agreement with the Data Protection Law of Mauritius.

13.2 By visiting the Portal, the Customer consents to our collection, use, disclosure and retention of his personal information as described in the Terms and Conditions.

13.3 The Customer’s personal information can only be disclosed to third parties where required or as authorized by the Law

13.3 J&S Printing does not keep any of the Customer’s Credit Card information. This information is held by Mauritius Commercial Bank online payment gateway who is the payment processor.

13.4 Mauritius Printing Online does not warranty that:

-The Portal will meet the purchaser or visitors requirements, or will always be accessible;

-The quality of any services or generally anything purchased or obtained by the Customer via the Portal will meet his expectations; and

-The Portal will be secure, uninterrupted, without any errors or free from computer virus or other invasive or damaging code;

-The results that may be accessed from the use of the Portal will be accurate or reliable;

-Any errors occurring will be corrected.


14. Notifications on transactions

14.1 A confirmation as well as a receipt note will be sent to the customer with a unique identification number to the transaction, for any prepaid or postpaid settlement that online payment has been successful.

14.2 The Customer personal details will not appear on the receipt but he can view his transaction at all times by logging into ‘My Account’ on the Portal.

15. Prices

15.1 Our Products are sold at the price indicated on the website or as confirmed via the return secure email service and all prices are in Mauritian rupees. We reserve the right to change the price at any time, prior to the confirmation of your order.

15.2 The prices of our products are VAT inclusive at the applicable rate at the time of your order.

Therefore,If the client is situated at Trou aux Biches, then the additional cost will be Rs 300 ; if he/she is at Saint Pierre, then the fees will be Rs 300 , For Souillac it will cost around Rs 700 and so on... Fees will vary depending where the client is situated. 

16. Delivery policy

16.1 Once the Customer places an online order, Mauritius Online Printing commits to deliver the order within 7 working days (meaning every day of the week except Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays in the Republic of Mauritius).

16.2 In case the product is out of stock, Mauritius Printing Online will immediately inform the client by telephone or by email and a full refund will be granted back if Mauritius Printing Online was already in possession of the payment.

16.3 Mauritius Printing Online does reserve the right to decide that the delivery cannot be made in 7 working days. The client will be informed of it at the time of the purchase.

16.4 In case the Customer notices a change in the date of delivery that was decided at the time of the purchase, he must call J&S Printing on 2426280 to notify the Delivery team as soon as possible so an arrangement can be made. In doing so, the customer will need to produce the sales invoice to prove that the purchase has been made and the late delivery was not planned. The delivery may indeed be delayed because of unforeseen situations.

16.5 The Delivery Note will bear the acknowledgement that the product received is as per the Customers’ requirements and they are properly sealed without any defect and this note must be checked by the Consumer and the Customer is hereby requested to sign on it.

16.6 Prior to this, for any queries or issues, Mauritius Printing Online will always be at the clients’ disposal.

17. Cancellation or order refund policy

17.1 The Customer also reserves the right to cancel his order and this must be done within the 72 hours of purchase by sending an email on quotationjspltd@intnet.mu.

17.2 On the processing of the cancellation, J&S Printing is liable to reverse the payment back to the Customer bank account and for any cancelled order, the customer will be charged a fee of 5% of the purchased amount.

18. Returns and refunds policy

18.1 Returns will be considered under the following criteria:

- If the product is not sealed or damaged at the time of delivery.

- If there has been an interchange between products and therefore a mismatch between the product ordered and the one delivered.

18.2 For the conditions mentioned above, the customer is liable to not accept the delivery and shall immediately return the defective products to the delivery staff. If the defective product is not returned in the delay of 5 days, after the product was received, in a good condition and in its original packaging the Purchaser may not return the product anymore.

18.3 The customer should note that the next delivery might take place in the next 5 to 7 working days depending on the availability of stock. After delivery, the customer is reliable to phone on 2426280 in case he noticed any defect as soon as possible.

18.4 The Customer under these terms and conditions agrees neither to, nor allow any other party to modify or damage the product when received. If evidences are found proving that the product received was modified or damaged voluntarily, Mauritius Online Printing will have no obligation to accept back the product.

18.5 The Customer when returning the product must present the Sales Invoice, and/or the Transaction Receipt and identification details (National ID or Passport).

18.6 Mauritius Online Printing reserves the right to refund the Customer, or exchange the product for a return as per 18.2 above.

19. Liability & disclaimer policy

19.1 J&S Printing will not be held responsible nor liable for any losses bear by the customer such as rejection of transactions, failure of bank card of the debtor, delay in delivery of products or for any other reasons for which J&S Printing Ltd is not accountable for.

19.2 In short, the use of the Portal and reliance on any Products and Services available online is entirely at the customers’ own risk as Mauritius Printing Online will not be held responsible for any information, opinion or statement displayed through the Portal.

19.3 Mauritius Printing Online reserves the right, at its sole discretion to correct any errors or omissions in any portion of the Portal and the Products and Services listed herein.

19.4 Whilst Mauritius Printing Online takes reasonable precautions in its operation of the Portal neither Mauritius Printing Online nor its members will be held responsible for any damage or virus that may cause the customer’s computer to breakdown or even to cause its files to be corrupted. This implies that any information that would be download from Portal would be at the customer’s own risk and he will be solely responsible for it.

19.5 Prior to these, the customer bears the acknowledgment that under no circumstances neither Mauritius Printing Online nor its members will be held liable to any loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of operation time, corruption or loss of information or data or even contracts sustained by the customer or dealers resulting inability to use the Portal or its material.