Delivery & Returns Policy

Delivery and Returns Policy

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(Delivery to: Mauritius;Seychelles;Reunion)

16. Delivery policy

16.1 Once the Customer places an online order, Mauritius Online Printing commits to deliver the order within 7 working days (meaning every day of the week except Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays in the Republic of Mauritius).

Therfore, if the client is situated at Trou aux Biches, then the additional cost will be Rs 300 ; if he/she is at Saint Pierre, then the fess will be Rs 300, For Souillac it will cost around Rs 700 and so on... Fees will vary depending where the client is situated

16.2 In case the product is out of stock, Mauritius Printing Online will immediately inform the client by telephone or by email and a full refund will be granted back if Mauritius Printing Online was already in possession of the payment.

16.3 Mauritius Printing Online does reserve the right to decide that the delivery cannot be made in 7 working days. The client will be informed of it at the time of the purchase.

16.4 In case the Customer notices a change in the date of delivery that was decided at the time of the purchase, he must call J&S Printing on 2426280 to notify the Delivery team as soon as possible so an arrangement can be made. In doing so, the customer will need to produce the sales invoice to prove that the purchase has been made and the late delivery was not planned. The delivery may indeed be delayed because of unforeseen situations.

16.5 The Delivery Note will bear the acknowledgement that the product received is as per the Customers’ requirements and they are properly sealed without any defect and this note must be checked by the Consumer and the Customer is hereby requested to sign on it.

16.6 Prior to this, for any queries or issues, Mauritius Printing Online will always be at the clients’ disposal.

17. Cancellation or order refund policy

17.1 The Customer also reserves the right to cancel his order and this must be done within the 72 hours of purchase by sending an email on

17.2 On the processing of the cancellation, J&S Printing is liable to reverse the payment back to the Customer bank account and for any cancelled order, the customer will be charged a fee of 5% of the purchased amount.

18. Returns and refunds policy

18.1 Returns will be considered under the following criteria:

- If the product is not sealed or damaged at the time of delivery.

- If there has been an interchange between products and therefore a mismatch between the product ordered and the one delivered.

18.2 For the conditions mentioned above, the customer is liable to not accept the delivery and shall immediately return the defective products to the delivery staff. If the defective product is not returned in the delay of 5 days, after the product was received, in a good condition and in its original packaging the Purchaser may not return the product anymore.

18.3 The customer should note that the next delivery might take place in the next 5 to 7 working days depending on the availability of stock. After delivery, the customer is reliable to phone on 2426280 in case he noticed any defect as soon as possible.

18.4 The Customer under these terms and conditions agrees neither to, nor allow any other party to modify or damage the product when received. If evidences are found proving that the product received was modified or damaged voluntarily, Mauritius Online Printing will have no obligation to accept back the product.

18.5 The Customer when returning the product must present the Sales Invoice, and/or the Transaction Receipt and identification details (National ID or Passport).

18.6 Mauritius Online Printing reserves the right to refund the Customer, or exchange the product for a return as per 18.2 above.